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Pulmonic stenosis

  My friends daughter has been told she has......"Branched Pulmonic Stenosis"
   a heart murmur .....we have been unable to find any information at al about this....is it different than "Pulmonic Stenosis"?...Any and all information would be helpful as the child is also Down Syndrome ..she is 9 yrs old .
  Thank You!
  Kim Schley
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Dear Kim,
Branched pulmonic stenosis is like pulmonic stenosis in that it involves the pulmonary
artery, however pulmonic stenosis is a pinching of the pulmonary artery at the level
of the pulmonic valve (i.e.where the blood crosses from right ventricle on its way to the lungs.)
Branched pulmonic stenosis on the other hand occurs well after the pulmonic valve.  Since the main
pulmonary artery branches a few inches after the valve and branches multiple times thereafter, branched
pulmonic stenosis can occur at more than one site.  
Now why does this cause problems?  Well because the right side of the heart is used to pumping blood in to
a low pressure system (i.e. the lungs have low pressures.)  When there is any pinching (stenosis)of the pulmonary arteries, there
is a corresponding increase in pressure which can eventually cause failure/dysfunction of the right ventricle.
There is currently a non surgical approach to this problem (angioplasty or balloon dilation) that I believe is investigational.
The physician in charge of the procedure is Dr. James Lock at Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.
I hope this information has been useful, if you have further questions you can submit them here on the heart forum or you can call
1-800-CCF-CARE and ask to speak with one of the pediatric cardiologist at Desk M41 (Dr. Murphy, Dr. Moodie, Dr. Sterba, etc.)
Information provided in the heart forum is intended for general medical informational purposes only, actual diagnosis and treatment can
only be made by your physician(s).

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