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Purple Lips

I have a 15 year old daughter who is very athletic.  She is a cross country runner, and in the high school varsity basketball team.  I have noticed on several occasions that her lips were actually purplish, and she looked a little pale.  I asked her if she was having any problems breathing, or any chest pain and she said no.  She told me yesterday that throughout the year her teammates have asked her why her lips are purple.  She is a very healthy young lady, eats well, exercises, sleeps well, and is committed to her training.  Should I worry?  
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Does anything else turn purple also?  Purple lips may mean low oxygen tension in the blood.  It may be just an incidental finding, but it may also represent lung or heart disease.  Checking oxygen saturation by simple monitoring and an echocardiogram may be useful.  Sometimes young individuals may have no symptoms but they should still be checked out further.  At the same time, I don't think you should worry about anything serious because she does feel well otherwise.  
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My daughter who is ten has also had several episodes lately where her lips are very purple and under her lower lip also becomes a dark purple.  While swimming today someone mentioned to my daughter that she had something black on her face, but it was just discoloration.
She is fit, in numerous sports and has a very healthy life style.  Same as you she assured me she felt ok but we have noticed that she does tend to pale on occation. I am going to make an appointment with her pediatrician to make sure.  I know she has mild asthma that doesn't require medication and she did have I.T.P. as a 2.5 yr old that supposedly shouldn't be a health concern any more.  ( Inside the mouth and nailbeds were normal colour)
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