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Question about ekg

The other day I had a ekg.  The results say it’s a boarderline ekg. St sinus tachycardia rate > 99 and plae probable  left atrial  enlargement p >50 mS , < 0.1mVV1 What does all this mean? Should I be concerned?
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Get an echo to look.
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Hi.  What made you get the ekg? What symptoms were you having?  And where did you have it done?  ER or cardiologist? Sinus tachycardia means your heart was beating at a faster than normal rhythm.  60 to 100 is normal. Different things can temporarily cause that including stress, fever, medications, anxiety, caffeine, etc.  But if you have any other symptoms with it, you need to immediately investigate.  Particularly if you have shortness of breath or chest pain!  Is this what brought you to the point of the ekg? It's often prevented with lifestyle things like regular exercise (that doctor has approved), heart healthy diet, proper weight, etc.  

That's the surface stuff.  But there are different types of tachycardia.  Do you have any more information on that or when is your doctor's appointment?  Bottom line is that at times, it is normal to have an increased heart rate and it would be expected but prolonged periods that can't be traced to exertion, anxiety, etc. become something a doctor will want to dig into.

Here's a big long article on everything and  more you'd ever want to know about sinus tachycardia. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tachycardia/symptoms-causes/syc-20355127  But it would be most helpful to have more information.  

Atrial enlargement is often unnoticed but happens due to underlying conditions.  https://www.healthline.com/health/left-atrial-enlargement

What kinds of symptoms have you been having?  I think it is wise to work with a cardiologist to address what is going on or uncover if there is underlying heart disease.
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Hello thank you for answering my question. You peovided a lot of helpful information. I went to a urgent care to get a paper signed for work while I was there my blood pressure was 201/ 120 and my heart rate was 140. So they told me I need to go to the emergency room for a ekg. Seems like my heart rate is always over 100. I get out of breath and tired easily but I also have some issues with anemia so I figured that was causing that. I also get heart palpitations and my heart feels like it’s running away.  I made a appointment with a primary care doctor for next week because I didn’t know where to start. I’m only 24 so dealing with this is kinda scary.
Oh my.  Okay.  So, will have you have insurance with the place you work?  Because you need to see a regular doctor.  You are young.  But that kind of blood pressure should not be ignored and that you also have these other symptoms, you need to follow up.  ER's are great to say, yes, there is a problem but they don't provide care. Nor does an urgent care.  So, I want you to go to a doctor that is someone you can see regularly.  You will need to address this in my opinion. Are you over weight and do you get any exercise?
I’m not overweight and I get some exercise plus my job is really active. I am a preschool teacher so those crazy kids keep me going all day long lol. My insurance is pretty good I just have never stuck with one doctor which is terrible I know. I have a appointment Wednesday so hopefully I will get some answers as to why this is happening. It also doesn’t help that doctors kind of make me nervous so I always forget what I need to say or questions I need to ask. Do you have any ideas what I should specifically say or any tests I should make sure that they run ? Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question.
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