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Question about my post?

Gee, I do no believe I got to post again.

Dr. I posted On July 1st concerning my echo results which showed I had left ventricle hypertrohy.You said you would have a low threshold to treat me and I do not understand what you mean by this, could you please explain.

My other question is since I do have white coat syndrome but good b/p at home, can't a b/p cause my pessure to go to low?

Thank you so much, Linda
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Hi Linda,
BKJ is away today, but I read your post and his response and agree with his comments.  By "treating you" he refers to adding a blood pressure medication.  Your echo findings suggest that you MAY have long term high blood pressure and would benefit from high blood pressure medications.  Even if the findings on your echo are not from high blood pressure, blood pressure medications my help to slow or arrest any progression in wall thickness and decrease the leaking mitral valve.

A visit to a cardiologist will help clarify these issues.  If possible, try to obtain a copy of the actually echocardiogram when you go for your visit (on a VHS tape or DVD).  This will prevent them from needing to repeat the study.  I must admit that we often repeat echocardiograms at the Cleveland Clinic because there are helpful views that are not always recorded.  Don't be surprised if they want to repeat the echo even if you bring a copy.

2. since I do have white coat syndrome but good b/p at home, can't a b/p cause my pessure to go to low:
In my experience, a blood pressure of 115/65 provides a lot of room for medications, although it does very from person to person.

The bottom line is every person reacts differently to medications, fortunately side effects are uncommon.  The best solution for you is to see a cardiologist and let them take a close look at your situation.

Hope this helps Linda and thanks for posting.
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Hopefully, the doctor will be able to clarify his/her response. Sometimes they "revisit" the posts, but perhaps your followup question was missed.  Good luck : )

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Thank you all for your support. Pluto I especally thank you, seems you know a lot about my problems.I appreciate your concern and taking the time to answer me. I really feel bad that I reposted, but had no understanding of what the Dr. meant. in my first post I did ask in a comment what he meant.

I know a lot of you have serious heart related problems and I probably did take the post away from someone who needed it more.

PLuto, one last ??? can't taking a B/P med. cause my pressure to drop too low? Till you are finished with me you will have yourr cardio license.

I will hang around and read your posts and I
wish you all the very best of luck.
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You bet!!  You can post to your "heart's content!" LOL!!!

I'm so glad you got clarification on your question.  Good luck to you!!

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Hi Glassheart!!!

Well said!!  Hope you are doing well and that your recuperation has been uneventful.  How's that shoulder? Have your pvcs calmed down?  Mine are still VERY infrequent.  I notice only a couple a day compared to a barrel-full every 5 minutes. I have been more fatigued than I had been a couple months back, but I think it is just the hectic schedule I have been juggling.  Going back to the EP in August for a recheck...fingers crossed :)

Take care!
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Hi Connie,  Great to hear that you are doing so well.  What a relief that must be after years of so many PVC's.  I am doing pretty good.  Had shoulder grafting done but still need to have rotator cuff repaired.  Heart has calmed down quite a lot.  I still get pvc's and pac's daily but not to any big degree.  Sinus tachy just once in a while.  Has anyone heard how Lynnsb is doing?  Have not seen a post from her for awhile.  Was very happy to see that Kimma was doing much better.  
Great to see you are still posting Pluto.  Keep up the good work.  You are of valuable help to many people on this forum and we all look forward to your posts and yours as well Connie!
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My Dad was diagnosed with left ventricle hypertrophy following an ECHO exam. Does this mean there is something wrong with his heart valves or is it just as a result of hypertension?

He has been hypertensive for quite some years but his bp is under control and always near normal 120/80. Please shed some light on what kind of problem might be developing so that we can look into it and get proper treatment.

Thanks so much. I await a reply from anyone who might have a clue since I have had a hard time learning about this problem through the internet etc.

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