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Question of Cost

I am interested in knowing what the average cost is to have a angiogram done on a outpatient bases.I would specifically like to know the cost for the outpatient facility as well as the cost the medical doctor would charge to perform the procedure.My concern is because I have heard various cost that run the gamet from a total for both outpatient facility and doctors cost from
$1,200 to over $12,000. Is there an average for both,that is the outpatient facility, and the doctors charge.I really would appreciate this information Thank You Eric
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Not sure about the angiogram, but I just got my statement of benefits for my EP study (and attempt to ablate without being able to get the rhythm to go off).  Holy Heart Flutters!   Over 23,000 for that procedure.  I find this outrageous.  No wonder they recommend these procedures.  Yipes.  

So, not sure about the angiogram, but I would check it out.
Good luck.
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Are you talking about a cardiac catheterization?  If so, they vary by region of the country and insurance company etc.  There is a cath lab fee, cardilogist fee, and recovery bed and time.
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