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Quintuple Bypass, After Surgery Issues

Hey everyone,

My Father in law (65) just had a quintuple bypass after being rushed to the E.R. for a heart attack. When they opened his chest, they saw a few other issues, and what was a triple bypass, became a quintuple bypass and a mitral valve replacement.

He also has diabetes, which is why it was worse when they started the surgery. There were a few complications, with blood clotting, coming off the ventilator, etc.

Yesterday (3 or so days after surgery) he was able to sit up, walk around a little bit, and do some breathing exercises which was great. He had his breathing tube out, his sats were good, but he was very tired and still out of it from the medicine.

Today his breathing got worse, and with a mask, his sats are at a 92. He is weak, which I understand is part of recovery, and they just drained over a liter of fluid from his lungs. But he is still having trouble breathing. They did a treatment of dialysis to remove fluid.

He may need a pacemaker put in because he formed an arrhythmia, but that's not a big issue. Once his Kidneys improve, he should be getting that done.

His surgery was 7 hours long, and complex. But he made it, and seems to be stable. What could be causing his trouble breathing? If they took out the fluid, why is there still such low stats? He's very nervous and depressed as well.

He's disoriented, confused, and being mean as well. I don't know what meds they have him on, but there strong.

The other issue is he is so thirsty but they won't let him drink. He has had some solid foods though with ice chips.

Can anyone help me? I am so nervous and I just want him to get better. Is this normal, what could be the cause.

His blood pressure also dropped.

I am sorry for posting this in two spots, but I am desperate.
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