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RBB block

my husband who is 30 years old was asked to take ECG part of a medical test in his career. The report says a remark "RBB blocked". I have no idea about this situation. Is there anything to worry about? How can it be cured?
His body is athletic and he does exercise everyday. Can he continue with this?
thanks in advance,
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For some insight, RBBB is a relatively common finding in ECG.  Sometimes it needs treatment and sometimes it is of very little medical significance and no treatment is necessary.

A bundle branch is a pathway for electrical impulses that begin in the upper right chamber's sinus node (node produces electrical impulses).  The electrical impulses conducts along the branch pathway and divide into the left and right pumping chambers causing the ventricles to contract.  The right BB contracts the right chamber and pumps blood into the lungs, and left chamber pumps blood into the system.

If  bundle branch becomes “blocked.” The main  effect of a bundle branch block is to disrupt the normal, coordinated and simultaneous distribution of the electrical signal to the two ventricles, and present situation that is the right side chamber.

The significance can be an incomplete bundle branch block and sometimes indicates underlying heart disease; especially when it occurs on the right side (i.e., incomplete RBBB,) it often has no significance at all. So in general, incomplete bundle branch block should begin a routine non-invasive search for underlying heart disease. If none is found, no further tests or treatment are needed.

If your husband hasn't had symptoms of skipped heartbeats, irregular fast heart rate, etc., it is likely there is no medical problem.  Hope this helps give you some insight and perspective to BBB.  

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