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Posted By BOB on April 30, 1998 at 14:06:52:

I'm a 53 year old male who had MIDCAB on the LAD for a 100% blockage
in Mar of 96.  At that time my RCA was 50-60% blocked. In Jan 97 my RCA
was found to be 100% blocked, a angioplasty was done. In 12 weeks I was
back again for a angioplasty and stent implacement, same spot. In 16 weeks back again for
another angioplasty and stent of the RCA, same spot. In 20 weeks restenosis
again occurred in the middle of the stents, laser was used to remove
blockage and angioplasty performed.  Its been 12 weeks since the last
procedures and I'm concerned it will block again. My lipids are now the
best they ever were LDL 54, HDL 44, TRI 129, lp(a) 62.  Questions; Is
my case common as far as restenosis? How many times can these type
of procedures be done in the same general area of a coronary  artery?
If it happens again would a bypass be recommended, if so, would the odds
be better that restenosis would not occur? Any new procedures that you
feel may work in my case? Would you recommend having another laser or
stent if it happened in the same general area? Do I need to change
hospitals and surgeons? Thank You!!      
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