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Following a cardiac MRI I was given a potential ARVD diagnose.  I visited with one of 3 world expert on ARVD, Dr. Calkins at John Hopkins. At John Hopkins I repeated the cardiac MRI and I had further testing. Namely a signal average EKG, a regular EKG a Echo and a stress test.  I was told that I do not have ARVD.

My extra beats come from the right ventricular outflow track.  I has given 3 options to control the pvc's. 1) try bio-feedback, relaxation techiques ect.. 2) take tomborol (spelling?) - a medication that I understand can be pretty toxic - or 3) ablation.  Dr. Calkins advised that ablation in my situation may only be 60% successful. In addition if the extra beats originate from behind the right ventricular outflow tract  - the risk of an ablation outweight the benefits. I am 38 years old female with history of pvc, no vt, no syncompe, no shorteness of breath, currently on Sectral 100mg per day to control bloss pressure.  

Here are my questions:
1) how effective is bio-feedback to treat pvc?
2) what is your opinion on tomborol - ?
3) is there another and more successful technique for ablation in a rvot situation (please note that I don't have any vt symptoms at this time)- the right ventricular outflow track is where the extra beat come from.  


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I am happy you do not have ARVD.

1. The biofeedback relaxation techniques are very reasonable to try. They put you at virtually no risk and have the potential for improving your symptoms.

2. I am not sure of the medication you are referring to, however beta blockers are good medication to control PVCs. Check with your doctor this drug may be a beta blocker.

3. Your doctor is correct in the description of the PVC ablation technique. If your symptoms are not severely limiting  and you have no compromise in the pumping function of your heart due to PVCs, the less invasive strategy is most reasonable.

Thanks for your question,

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Hi, I think it's possible the drug you are talking about may be toprol.  I am presently taking that to control blood pressure and pac's.  I take toprol xl 25mg.  If that's it, so far it has seemed to do the trick.  I began June 17th and have not had an episode since thank goodness!  Maybe l or 2 bloops here or there but so far that's it.  I was having them for hours at a time back in May and June.  Just wondering if that may be the drug you're referring to.  Also happy for you on your diagnosis.  It sounds so much better than what it could have been.  Good luck.
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Hi Fred,
Basically, in my case Dr. Calkins explained that once your are in for a EP study it is not guaranteed that not all of the pvc can triggered. In order words, there maybe some that hide and cannot be triggered. In addition if the PVC originate from behind the Right Ventricular outflow track, ablation is not recommended because the risks outweight the benefits.  

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