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RVSP after Tricuspid Repair

I'm a male 54 yrs old and had surgery to repair tricuspid valve in Nov 2014 at Cleveland Clinic. Had severe tricuspid regurgitation (4+). Heart cath before surgery in Sept. 2014 showed normal heart with normal pulmonary artery and right ventricle pressures. TEE on the same day noted volume overload.  TTE echocardiogram performed 4 days postop indicated RVSP of 42 mm hg and another echocardiogram 2.5 months postop (I had atrial flutter) showed similar pressure. I do moderate exercise (25 mins on bike or run) 7 days/week and don't have any symptoms of pulmonary hypertension (except I don't feel well many days) but breathing isn't a problem when exercising. A cardiologist thinks I have some volume overload and feels a redo heart cath would show normal  pulmonary pressures. I don't have a clue what all this means but am trying to get a resolution to the pressure issue as I'm sure the higher pressure is not good for repaired tricuspid valve or my right ventricle. Thoughts????  
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