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Rapid heart rate problems after eating, etc went away...

I just wanted to let all the sufferers of this know that I was able to remedy this by changing my diet.  I don't each wheat/gluten or anything with artificial color or flavors, etc.  I eat organic meat (very little and not regularly) and mostly rice, vegetables, fruits (organic).  I drink mostly water plus organic herb teas and coffee.  I don't drink milk or soda. I hardly ever eat dessert.  I eat at very few restaurants and then am very choosy when ordering. I never eat meat at restaurant unless it's organic, which is rare. It seems to me that in the last few years everything has become somewhat toxic.  Maybe it's because of where things are grown now--a lot of food now comes from China believe it or not--remember the Chinese gluten in pet foods that was said to be the cause of all those pet deaths.  I've read that certain foods have higher levels of pesticide residues than others and wheat is one of them.  Wheat is what i find to be the biggest problem.  I've told this to people I know and after they cut out wheat their symptoms went away--like my friend's son's migraines for example. At one point I was very sick and had to quit aerobics because it seemed like my heart was going to spin out of control, but now I'm fine and do aerobics regularly, although I started with Yoga and it took me a long to get better.  

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Thank you for continuing this discussion!

Like everyione else, I thought I was the only one going through this very scary situation. It wasn't even until recently that I realized that 90% of my episodes happen after I eat.

This is going to be long an thurough. I want anyone reading this to hear all of the details. I also would like to tell you, before I continue, that I have not remedied this problem yet. I am layed up in bed as I type this.

I started smoking at a very strange age (27). I had a lot of stress in my life at the time and one night while drinking in Reno, I picked up a cigar. One thing lead to the next and a couple years later, I was a full on smoker by age 30. I was also a tad bit over weight (10-15lbs) and used to drink diet soda (12 pack a day). The diet cokes only lasted about 4 years when I started getting this weird fluttering feeling in my chest. I read up about aspritame poisoning and instantly put the sodas down. I want to discribe this first episode. I was standing at the time and doing something vaguely strenuous. I wasn't exerting any real energy, when all of the sudden, it felt like a fish flopping around in my chest. Not painful, but very uncomfortable it also made me cough but only briefly. I became tired very soon there after, so I layed down and fell alseep, after only being up for a few hours. When I awoke, I did feel better, but still fatigued. This feeling lasted about a week and I was 34 at the time. This was a very stressful time in my life, where I was facing foreclosure and my girlfriend and I were splitting up. One day (during my flutter episode week) her and I got into a very heated argument. I had put the cigarettes down after my attack but this fight stressed me out so hard that I picked them right back up and started smoking. I was so upset, I went out and drank and to be very honest, the flutter feeling went away. I got pretty well smashed that night and had no weird episode for the first time in a week. The girlfriend moved out and the flutter never came back hard again just mildly from time to time. That was in 2004.

Fast forward one year (still smoking). I started having aa bout of insomnia. I have no medicine for this so I went to the drugstore and bought some Nyquil pills. I took them and slept. Next night, same thing. This went on for about 5 days and on the 5th day BOOM...Fish in my chest! I went from not being able to sleep to sleeping all the time and had the fish in my chest feeling about 70% of the tme when I was awake. Still there is no pain involed just extreme discomfort and fear. I stop smoking again. Only this time a new symptom emerged (constant, uncontrollable, loud grumbling in my stomach) mainly on my left and right sides (like the ousides of where your abs are). I stayed laid up in the bed for another week and on the last day, I had complete black stool, that was like clay. As you can guess...I'm having trouble with my work because I can't come in. I get upset from the constant sleep and discomfort that I go to a bar, drink a couple of beers and then light up a cigarette and guess what? Symptoms vanish! When I turned 39, I didn't want to be a smoker anymore. I knew this smoking thing was causing me problems but seriously it helped combat that feeling. I finally in November of this year decided enough is enough. I quit smoking, I quit drinking, I started dieting and started exercising. This all took place in November and I lost 20 lbs, was not eating processed foods, exercising 20-30 mins a day. I must add that I was only a social drinking and wasn't an alcholic but I stopped because it was no longer conducive to the life I wanted to live.

February 21st 2010 I was on top of the world. I had increased all of my daily exercise. I mean I felt better thn I did when I was in my 20s. I went to sleep that night feeling fabulous like I had totally turned my life around and looking forward to taking on the world the next day. Morning approached, I woke up feeling great. You don't wake up smiling too often in life at 39 but I was. I need to eat breakfast and and a week before I had a bit of a low blood sugar attack do to lack of sweets and carbs. I decided to compensate for that by eating some frenchtoast. I hadn't had any in a long time and they sounded good. I ate 2 pieces and started to my workout room. While walking up the stairs BOOM...I get fish in the chest. It hits me and hits me hard! I notice my heart rate is pretty high about 110 BPM. From walking up stairs? I just worked out with medium cardio for an HOUR, the day before. That was the 21st of February and here it is March 4th. I REFUSE TO DRINK & SMOKE THIS AWAY AGAIN! I have been totally dry of alcohol & nicotine for 4 months now! But still, I have had rapid heart rate everyday, (since the 21st) after eating and at some point or another during everyday, I have that fluttering fish in the chest feeling. There's never any pain, I don't ever feel like I'm actually having a heart attack, but ALWAYS feel like I'm about to or I should say, "like I think I'm about to." The most ridiculous thing is that, I haven't felt like this since '05 and it picks when I am the most active and doing all the right things (quitting habits and unhealthy practices). WTF?

Today was the worst, I was going to try and work out even though the fish has been in my chest 80% of the time for the past 5 days. Yesterday was the same scenario and I still did cardio for an hour. Today during stretching before my workout...I got it bad and my heart rate started pounding to where I could feel my pulse hitting my shirt sleeve. Everyone around me, that listens to this story, thinks I'm nuts and lookimg for attention and/or reasons to lay around. I AM NOT! I want to be healthy, happy, tan and playing volleyball this summer!

If anyone knows what this is please let us know!
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FrankieLV- If it is vasovegal reduce intake amount in one sitting, do not eat a full meal ever. your stomach is  sitting on the vasovegal nerve to your heart.  I take betaxolol and fludricort and clonazepam(for the anti-siezure effect on the nervous system). I am not shy with salt intake. Get a juicer and use it. I highly reccomend a dysautonomia center visit such as the one in Birmingham Alabama, Montcaire Baptist Medical Center has the mitral valve pro-lapse/dysautonomia center there that saved my life once allready. Local west coast cardiologists have no training in this field and leave you feeling eithor crazy or ignored. There are alot of other possibilities in the dysautnomia malfunctionarena  as well.
good luck to you!
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