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Re: Ablation Risks Higher at Teaching Hospital?

Posted By Denise O. on February 06, 1999 at 15:10:52:

In Reply to: Ablation Risks Higher at Teaching Hospital? posted by Toni on February 06, 1999 at 14:23:17:

Dear Drs.
I am considering having RF Ablation for SVT performed by Dr. Lesh at UCSF.  I have complete confidence in Dr. Lesh, but the fact that UCSF is a teaching hospital makes me a bit nervous.  The Dr. is assisted by Fellows who are studying electrophysiology or who may have even completed EP studies.  Are the risks greater at a teaching hospital such as UCSF than at a private hospital?  I understand UCSF pioneered this procedure and that Dr. Lesh has an outstanding reputation.  Thank you.

Hi Toni,
I am not a doctor, but have had an ablation done at U of M by Dr. Fred Morady, renowned for ablations, and have been extremely happy.  I think teaching/research hospitals are the most up-to-date as far as technique and medical advancements.  I wouldn't hesitate (and I didn't) to have one done at a teaching hospital at all
I'm sure the doctors will be able to answer that question better, as this is just my opinion.  As a patient, I feel more comfortable going to research/teaching hospitals because the skill level of the staff physicians is remarkeable and they handle more complex cases.
As they say, learn from the best right!  Dr. Lesh will be the one doing the procedure, the others will just observe probably.  When I went in for my ablation, I saw people in there that looked VERY young (not that that is bad), but I knew Dr. Morady was doing the procedure and that's all that mattered.  Plus, everyone has to learn somewhere, somehow.  From patient-to-patient, don't let this even be a concern.  I'm sure you are in excellent hands, as I was.  We can only be so fortunate as to be near such facilities that have the talent as Dr. Lesh and Dr. Morady.
Of course, if CCF was closer to me, that would have been my first choice as the talent there is the best in the world, but I'm a lot closer to U of M and can't complain at all.
Good luck and the procedure goes by quickly.  Feel free to e-mail me.  Again, this is just patient-to-patient.
Denise O.

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