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Re: Blood pressure consistently higher in right arm in the last 2 months.

Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on March 30, 1999 at 14:58:21:

In Reply to: Blood pressure consistently higher in right arm in the last 2 months. posted by Seann Dorand on March 30, 1999 at 11:22:58:

I'm a 25 year old male.  About two months ago I had an episode while
driving that sort of scared me.  My right arm went completely numb.  Went
to the hospital and they did an EKG and everything looked ok.  In Aug98 I
was diagnosed with high blood pressure (150/110) and have gone through
several tests (stress test with echo, captopril enhanced renogram, MRI
of head pain).  About 2 year ago I was 295lbs and my blood pressure was
140/80 and I had a horrible diet.  Now I am 260 pounds, I have a great
diet and I excercise regularly at the gym and lift weights and my blood
pressure is still 150/110.  Taking 50mg of Tenormin seems to have brought
it down to 140/85.  I don't understand the sudden increase in pressure
from 2 years ago.  Ever since I had the episode 2 months ago, it seems
that my blood pressure is always 10 to 12 points higher in the right arm
than in the left arm and I get periodic numbness and tingly sensations
in that arm.  I went to a neurologist cause I was having head pain as well
(which I no longer have) and they did an MRI and some nerve tests but they
all showed up normal.
How normal is it for BP to be higher in one arm and if that arm falls
asleep easily when sleeping in a crooked position or from time to time
gets tingly... what could be the causes?  Should I be concerned?  The
pressure in each arm used to be consistent 2 months ago.
Also since the episode 2 months ago occured, when I go to the gym and ride
the stationary bikes, sometimes my penis will completely fall asleep and
be numb.  It never happened prior to the episode 2 months ago.
Today's readings:
Left Arm: Right Arm:
126/76 143/89
127/72 132/82
134/76 140/92
Readings were taken when I woke up with a electronic BP monitor...  about
15 mintues apart.
Seann Dorand - ***@****

Dear Seann
I do not know what is causing numbness in various parts of your body. The different blood pressures in the arms could just be the way you are put together. Other possibilities include coarctation of the aorta (which you should have your doctor check for the next time you are in the office) or vascular disease.
I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back.
If you would like to make an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, please call 1-800-CCF-CARE or inquire online by using the Heart Center website at www.ccf.org/heartcenter.   The Heart Center website contains a directory of the cardiology staff that can be used to select the physician best suited to address your cardiac problem.

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