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Re: Congestive Heart Failure

Posted By Suzanne on October 24, 1998 at 02:16:22:

In Reply to: Congestive Heart Failure posted by Suzanne on October 24, 1998 at 01:58:50:

Yesterday my husband went to the doctor for the results of a persantine-thalium
stress test and an echocardiogram test.  He has had by pass surgery in the past
but has been having trouble breathing.  The tests showed that his heart was
pumping at 18% and that was why he was tired all of the time.  He is on Diovan
Lanoxin, and Lasix for his heart.  He has been on insulin for the past 42 years
for diabetes.  The doctor said that his heart was week.  Is there anything that
could possibly be done for my husband's heart condition?  He also has congestive
heart failure. He is 59 years old.
Thank you in advance for any insight you may be able to give me in this matter.
What does that mean, "18%"?  Does that mean that his heart is working at an
eighteen percent max, or does it mean that only 18% of his heart is working?
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