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Re: Global Hypokinesis

Posted By Ann Marie Perrone on August 05, 1999 at 15:44:18
I have searched numerous websites to obtain information about a condition called global hypokinesis.  My father (63 yrs old) was recently adddmitted for diastolic congestive heart failure.  He has a history of heart problems including a heart attach at age 35 and afib.  
We have an appointment for him to see his primamry care physician friday to obtain a referal to a cardiologist.  I would, however, like to be able to do a little reasearch prior to seeing the cardiologist.  I appreciate any help you can provide.  

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Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - CRC on August 05, 1999 at 16:23:58

Thank you for your question.  Global hypokinesis just means poor function throughout the heart.  Heart failure, or congestive heart failure (CHF) is a syndrome of low heart output, shortness of breath and swelling in the extremities.  The most common cause of heart failure is ischemic (secondary to blockages in the arteries).  Other common causes are hypertensive (high blood pressure), viral, valvular and idiopathic.  The diagnosis of CHF is made by symptoms and testing of the heart.  An echocardiogram or heart catheterization is usually done to measure the function of the pumping chamber.  Other investigations may be performed depending upon the cause of the CHF.
Treatment of heart failure can be medical or surgical.  If failure is due to blockages or valve problems then surgery is often recommended.  Medical management includes digoxin, ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors and diuretics.  Newer evidence has shown that low dose beta-blockers improve symptoms and survival in patients with CHF.  End stage CHF is treated with heart transplantation if the patient is a candidate.  
CHF is a common problem and there are new treatments being developed.  It is a chronic problem and must be followed closely by her doctor with adjustment of her medication as needed.  
Further information can be found at:
Information provided here is for general educational purposes only. Only your doctor can provide specific diagnoses and treatments. If you would like to be seen at the Cleveland Clinic, please Call 1 - 800 - CCF - CARE for an appointment at Desk F15 with a cardiologist.

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