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Re: Myocarditis
Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on February 07, 1999 at 16:49:09:

In Reply to: Myocarditis posted by Karen on February 06, 1999 at 20:57:26:

Is myocarditis becoming more common or is it just being better diagnosed?  I never even heard of it until I came down with it a few years ago.  Now It seems like I'm reading more and more on this disease; even hearing about it on the news especially when it involves an athlete.  I'm not worried about getting it again but is there anything in general one can do to protect themselves from inflammatory heart diseases?  Thank you for your time.

Dear Karen
It is just better diagnosed. There is no evidence that it is actually increasing in prevalence. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent myocarditis. Scientists are working on research that could potentially lead to a vaccine, but this is not a real possibility in the next decade.
I hope this has been useful. Feel free to write back with further questions. Good luck.
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