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Re: Stent placement

Repeat Angiograms
Oct 11, 2008 09:11AM in the Interventional Cardiology Expert Forum
I had a stress test, blood work, EKg's basically every test. All my test passed. They just wanted to do an Angiogram to see if there were any problems. That is when they found the blockages. My Dr,s were shocked to find them. I had 1 stent put in, and an Angioplasty in the other due to I need a 2 mm stent that is drug eluding, but it is currently not availiab... Since then 11/04 , the stent is now offered. My symptoms have improved, and I feel no pain. Is it wise to still have the stent placed?
Repeat Angiograms
Oct 10, 2008 02:33PM in the Interventional Cardiology Expert Forum
I had a stent and angioplasty 4 months ago. Since then I have pain in in the middle of my back. They would like to do a repeat angiogram. Can this cause scar tissue and or cause any further damage to the heart or vessels? I am 37yrs old with Diabetes of 33 years. No high BP and kidney function is well.
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Generally, for discussion only, and not any advise, you may want to forgo an angiogram and stent implant.  The basis would be improved symptoms, as the degree of physiologic response to luminal dimensional change may be assessed by correlation of exercise capacity (your symptoms improved by exercise testing?) with quantitative measurements of the obstruction diameter at the lesion sites. The extent of quantitatively assessed luminal stenosis has been shown to be directly related to the degree of impairment of coronary perfusion.  There is a linear relationship between exercise capacity and severity of stenosis before your stenosis intervention.  

Sometimes, with a diabetic, there is no angina with ischemia so that should be a consideration. The Dr.'s shouldn't be shocked to find blockage if there were a basis to look for that problem.



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