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Re: Valve Diffrences

Posted By CCF CARDIO MD - DLB on January 30, 1999 at 10:14:45:

In Reply to: Valve Diffrences posted by Christina on January 29, 1999 at 17:33:59:

Hi, thanks for this forum. I was wondering what is the diffrence between mitral stenosis caused by rheumatic fever and congenital mitral stenosis?
Are they both degenerative? I am doing a paper in my anatomy class on this topic and have found little info on congenital mitral stenosis. Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks.
Dear Christina
Congenital mitral stenosis is very rare. Most cases of mitral stenosis are from rheumatic fever. The symptoms are similar. The treatment for either condition is balloon valvuloplasty, unless the valve is heavily calcified or is also regurgitant (leaking), in which case open heart surgery may be performed.
I hope this has been useful. Feel free to write back with further questions. Good luck.
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