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Re: heart failure

Posted By Susie on January 10, 1999 at 00:31:34:

In Reply to: heart failure posted by wht on January 09, 1999 at 08:45:52:

Dear Doctor,
  Thank you in advance for your help. Two years ago I developed a problem
of flushing of my face,neck,arms, and legs. All the doctors could find was
a low testosterone level.  The problem was worse in heat.  I received a daily testosterone patch
that seemed to help. About 6 months ago I started having heart failure
symptoms. My echos indicated low normal ejection fraction but no cardiomyopathy or valve problems.
My questions are 1. Do you think this flushing could be causing some kind
of high output failure(thyroid is OK)?  2. Could the testosterone patch be
weakening my heart? 3. Can percocet(for back injury) hurt heart function?
4. Is there any chance my ejection fraction could improve? Thank you. WHT
Read your posting and you mentioned low ejection fractions.  Was just wondering how
low the EF was.
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