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Reaction to toprol xl

I am a healthy 46 yr old female, chol 205, weight 140, have been taking toptol xl 25 mg for 2 years for palipatations. I have had all the testing and the results were negative. I occassionally get an (episode) as I call them, I had one beer took the toprol 2 hours later and then my heart seems to just flutter for hours.  I try to relax but it just feels like I am wired.  Can I be having a reaction to the toprol and the alcohol? How long does the alcohol stay in my system? Or could this be an anxiety attack?  I rarely drink more than 2 beers a week.  I know alcohol will cause the palipations but I usually feel fine before I take the medication.  This does not happen often but when it does it is very distressing.  Also, when on the treadmill, what would be a target heart rate since the toprol lowers your heart rate?  I want to get my heart healthy, I feel this will help control the palipations. Thank you for this site, I feel sometimes I am the only one with this problem.  Made me feel better read all the questions ans answers.
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thanks for the post.

Without seeing what your heart rhythm is while you are having an episode, its impossible to comment on the exact cause. Some people experience increased palpitaions from alcohol, some from slower heart rates, so either could cause it.

With respect to the treadmill, unless you are seeking optimal and performance conditioning, I usually do not focus too much on heart rate targets for exercise and usually recommend exercising to a goal of light fatugue in 30-45 minutes 4-5 times per week.  before conducting a new program, you should have a history and physicial by a physician,

good luck
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