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Reason for tachycardia?

I am 50 yr old woman, overweight but a consistent exerciser.
I have been having episodes of tachycardia per my Apple Watch and symptoms. I  did just complete at 24 hour Holter monitor test.

Is tachycardia more likely to be caused by weaning off Paxil, going onto Cymbalta (it's a noted side effect), sub-clinical hyperthyroidism,  anxiety or stress?

Sometimes  it is low, but it seems to jump around , less when I'm actually exercising (although it gets up to 170 ish while walking up a hill trail) and jumps around more while I'm just around the house. I didn't think I had symptoms but now I think maybe I do!! UGH!
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Make sure you have your iron levels checked! Not just a ferritin either as its not a good indicator of overall iron status. Get a serum iron, TIBC, Saturation, and Ferritin- so four labs. Ferritin can be high from inflammation or low from MTHFR issues- so not correlating with true iron status.
A high heart rate could be from hyperthyroidism, but if it goes back to normal at rest, its a good idea to first check your iron levels.  Don't take any iron supplement for 2 weeks prior.
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Having just had a Holter, I assume you are under the care of a cardiologist, did they have an opinion. I doubt it's the drug change but a doctor needs to make that assessment. 170 beats per min is right at your max heart rate (220-age) and it should take much more exercise than walking up a hill to get there. Let us know what your medical provider said.
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