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Recent Stroke

My father in law has recently suffered 2 minor or little strokes, not the big one. He's from here in Maine, but nis down in Florida visiting a friend. The doctors down there have done numerous blood tests on him which were all good. They have done Cat and MRI, and have found a sizeable hole in his heart, and he is suffering strokes to both sides of the brain and a blockage in his neck area, he will know more tuesday when he meets with professionals. My arguement is that all of this suddenly just came on to him within the last month, it hasn't been an ongoing thing. Some are saying the hole in his heart is what is causing this. Has anyone out there had similar happenings or has anyone heard of this type of thing? Thank you for any type of feed back.
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Well, I would have to agree with the Doctors. Many times, patients don't even know they have a hole in the heart until they suffer a TIA or stroke and more tests are performed. Around 1 in 5 are caused by this and it isn't age associated. The important thing is that they have hopefully put him onto medication to help prevent further events. However, having said that, it could also be the blockage in the neck forming clotting material. Did they say how large the blockage is? what percentage of restriction?
With regards to the hole in the heart, which is a likely cause, there are basically three options. There is medication to reduce his clotting factor, there is open heart surgery to close it, or a newer technique using angioplasty to place a patch. This involves using a catheter like when they insert a stent.
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