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I recently had a left heart catherization. The report had 17 vessels described. 9 had non significant disease. My concern is with the six. Proximal LAD artery segment- minor irregularities5-15%. Mid LAD artery segment 20-30%, proximal circumflex artery segment 50% stenosis, the vessel was avg atherosclerosis 35-65%, second obtuse marginal branch segment 5-15%, First left posterolateral 5-15%, and mid right coronary artery conduit segment 60% stenosis, 35-65% atherosclerosis.  LVEF was 60, all motion normal.

My cardiologist said no cad- though report says no obstructive. I have no limitations and told to continue to keep cholesterol low, don't put on weight, continue not smoking (quit 6 months) my questions is if he seems not to be worried at all, should I? This doesn't sound all that normal, or am I just overreacting.
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Arteries have overcapacity to carry blood. Normally, problems arise during physical activity when arteries have a blockage of more than 80%.
All your blockages are well below this percentage. In order to keep it that way, it is important to stick to your current lifestyle.
Worrying is not good :-) If it has any effect on your heart condition, it is a negative effect.
With your current lifestyle, your arteries condition can remain like that for many years. (no guarantees though)
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