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Results of Stress test indicate prior heart attack, what best route now? scared

Hi, I am a 54 year old female with history of high blood pressure, high cholesteral and chest pain incident one month ago. Had classic heart attack symptoms, but did not go to ER. Did go home and take an asp, and went to bed. I had a presurgical clearnace for a foot fusion, ( surgery ) a couple of weeks ago and told the dr. about my chest pain. She ordered a Stress test to see what was going on with my heart and my surgery was put on hold. I was also given Nirtroquick for chest pain, and she added Zetia to the Lipitor I already take. I had the stress test last week and got the results a couple of days ago. She explained the results to me and referred me to a cardiologist for more testing, and I am now anxiously awaiting that call. Here is the results of the stress test.

Dipyridamole stress sestamibi myocardial perfusion scan and cardiac wall motion analysis.

findings. There is normal perfusion of the left ventricular myscardium at stress with not segmental stress score
greater than 1. There is decreased perfusionat rest in the inferoseptal region. This reversed perfusion defect may indicate an area of recent infarction on resting image and stunned myocardium on stress imaging. This reversed
finding may occur with a recent infarction.
Impression: There was a reverse perfusion defect in the inferoseptal region and this is associated with hypokinesis of the septum and inferior sptum near the cardiac apex and mid cardiac segment. This area does not perfuse normally on stress imaging. The significance of a reverse or paradoxical perfusion defect varies but this condition may occur
with a recent MI, particulary after revascularrization or thrombolytic therapy. Clinical correlation is advised.

         My dad died of a MI at age 60. Thank you very much.                

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It sounds like you indeed had a heart attack, albeit most likely a small one when you had your episode of chest pain. I think you should know better, and should have sought emergent medical help at the time, especially with your family history.
Now most likely you will need an echocardiogram to assess your heart function and the impact of the damage on your heart, and a left heart catheterization with possible stenting of any severe lesions. Hopefully the myocardium is stunned and alive and can recover from this event.
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Thank you so, so much! Yes, I know I should have gone to the ER, and thought my husband would take me there, but I think he was in denial also . what do you mean by:
" Hopefully the myocardium is stunned and alive and can recover from this event." What does that mean? Is there anything else I need to watch out for in the meantime before seeing the cardiologist?

         I have had several other strange feelings in my chest since this incident and wild flunctuations of blood pressure ,fluttering heart and racing pulse, but I still don't want to take the Nitro unless it is appropriate, I don't want to over-react but I don't want to make any more mistakes either. The referral for the local Heart clinic just went through today, so next couple of weeks I should hear from them , hopefully sooner than later. Thank you again for any suggestions, I really , really am apreciative and will take heed of what you say.                                               fluffypurrcat
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Time to stop being stoic.  I am a 49 yr old female, underweight, very active in aerobic activities, who went to ER with very bad mid-upper back pain.   Was told I had kidney stones and was given percoset; thankfully I am allergic to codeine so I couldn't take it.  Pain sent me back, I had to wait even tho I said I was having severe back radiating to chest pain.  End story BP 210/127 left bundle branch block, 80% blockage of LAD.  Had a stent, but had some weird "brain attack" next day. Was told probably anxiety but then hadd an  abnormal eeg, trying to find neurologist in network and go back to work....
I do have brother with severe heart disease.
Don't know what is worse, having something wrong, or not having anyone believe you

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HI, I posted a return comment here a couple of hours ago, but I think there was a problem and it didnt post. Thank you for commenting to me, I have to tell you first, I had to look up the word Stoic, as I didn't know exactly what it means. I have read that women present with atypical chest symptoms when having heart attacks, and often they are not recoginized for having heart attacks when they are having one. Back pain can be one of the classic symptoms that women have, as well as feeling tired, more so than usual. I guess you were lucky that you are allergic to Codeine and when they gave you Percoset, you couldn't take it and when your blood pressure soared, they had to realize something really was wrong with you.
It sounds almost like you may have had a mini stroke or something similiar. I am glad that you are going to see a neurologist to find out what is going on. It goes to show that even people who are in excellent health and not overweight can still have cardiac events happen to them. I am about 20-25 pds overweight, I have never been this heavy before in all my life.
           Did you have a history of high cholesteral ,or some other risk factor that would explain your heart problems? ( other than the family history, ( your brother.) Actually , being underweight, if severe enough or if you are under nourished, that can allso put a strain on your heart. When I was down to a 100 pds, ( I am 5 feet 8 ) I had heart palpatations and it sent me to the hospital once, but I was in my 20's and recovered quickly.
I think you are right on with the comment about not knowing what is worse, the not having anyone believe you or actually being sick. I was actually releived when my dr. gave me the results of my stress test and told me that I had indeed had a heart attack.
It made me releived to know I was not going crazy. Small compensation.Good luck with finding out what is going on and getting back to being healthy. I am still waiting for a call
from the cardiologist office for an appt.                           fluffypurrcat
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