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Risk of heart disease for a 26 yr old dad?

My father just had a heart attack at the age of 51 which has now uncovered some hereditary heart disease in my family.  I am a new dad at the age of 26 and I now have some questions about my future since my dad has gone through this unexpected problem (although he has had about 35 yrs of smoking before this).  I exercise semi regularly ( 2 or 3 times a week including running about 4 mi. a week), don't smoke but do drink (sometimes excessively). I have noticed some heart palpitations in the past after a night of binge drinking which had me quite worried for about 2 yrs before I cut back on the partying. Also now a days I have noticed that I've had a noticeable amount of muscle twitching (arms, chest, shoulders, back) in the past couple months with no pain or anything, just twitches.  I was wondering if getting an EKG done on myself would be a silly thing to do at my age just to see how my heart is doing or is it a good idea? I would appreciate any responses and thank you
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Congratulations on becoming a father.  There is nothing like parenthood to encourage a person to grow up and take on adult responsibilities--parenting being the most important job of your life.  You must know that if you want your child to grow up well, you have to show him/her the way and be what you want them to be.  
Now is the time to develop a healthy lifestyle--healthy diet, active lifestyle, and other health conscious habits.  Everyone benefits.  
  You are perceptive about binge drinking.  That can cause atrial fibrillation.   Now is an expecially good time to develop the lifetime habits of living well.  Doing so--and who knows--you might be contributing to this forum and telling us about being a great grand father years down the road.
   Regarding your quesion, it wouldn't hurt to have a cardio work up in light of this new information, but don't be surprised if all the results are negative.  I would expect they would be.  
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Congrats dad!

My father had a tiple bypass at 47.  His father died at 55.  All of my uncles have had bypasses in their 40s or early 50s.  Autoimmune hyperlipidemia, hereditary coronary artery disease.  Is it a guarantee of illness?  No.  All are either smokers or exposed secondhand by a spouse - or both.  None exercise regularly.  All eat terribly.  Some are overwieght and diabetic.  It sounds like you are doing good things for your health.  

Here's what you need to do:

1. Have a cardiac workup to get some baselines.  A stress test, cholesterol screening and so on.  It makes problems easier to identify down the line should any arise.

2. Have your cholesterol checked annually.

3. Avoid four legged fats - animal fats.

4. Exercise most days of the week.

5. Do things to avoid bad stress.

6. Keep tabs on your blood pressure.  Normal is 120/80 or less.

You have a risk factor.  This means you have to modify all the others, and you can be very healthy for a very long time :)
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