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Rispratoric Sinus Arrhytmia

last week i have received the result for my medical check-up. it told that i have rispratoric sinus arrhytmia ( RSA ) and incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block ( IRBBB ).

i just need some explanation about what is RSA and IRBBB? are they diseases? are they really need to be worried about? how can i cure these?

Please someone can explain to me :)
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Hello! Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) is a naturally occurring variation in heart rate that occurs during a breathing cycle.

Right Bundle Branch Block ( IRBBB ).
Sometimes either the right or the left bundle branch conducts the electrical impulse more slowly than normal, but is not completely blocked. When this occurs, on the side of the slow conduction, the electrical impulse arrives in the ventricle slightly later than normal. As a result, the QRS complex is slightly wider than normal, but not as wide as it would be with a complete BBB. This slight widening of the QRS is often called incomplete BBB. (Another name for it is an “intraventricular conduction defect," or an IVCD.)
Incomplete bundle branch block sometimes indicates underlying heart disease. But, especially when it occurs on the right side (i.e., incomplete RBBB,) it often has no significance at all. So in general, incomplete bundle branch block should trigger a non-invasive search for underlying heart disease. If none is found, no further tests or treatment are needed.Be happy!:0)
God Bless.John.
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I see...
so it means it's harmless right. but, i heard from my friend that said it would be better if i take lung-test,is it necessary? i have to take further test to make sure nothing is found right?
anyway...... thanks a lot John.....
it makes me much calm down now.... :)
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