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Hi...  I recently went off Bystolic prescribed for occasional elevated HR, spikes in BP, and chest pains.  All my tests have come out normal.  I'm pretty sure they are all just stress related.  I've decided to increase my activity levels (I tend to get a little lazy and stay rather inactive).  I try to walk 2 to 3 times a week, but with this icky weather, it's been rather demotivating.  I found someone who is willing to run with me (probably more of a run a little, walk a little and build up).  Any suggestions on the best way to proceed, things I should watch out for?  The medical jury is still out on whether they think there is anything wrong here.  I'm not sure either. I would just rather err on the side of caution.  
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If the medical jury is still out on what's going on in there, I'd say stick with walking until you're cleared for more strenuous activity. BP spikes and chest pain are not to be ignored. Please be careful. And when will you find out the final diagnosis?
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I don't think I'll ever find out a final diagnosis.  The cardio dude doesn't seem concerned, ahthough he kept wanting to put me on BP meds 'cause it's always high when I see him, but more or less normal the rest of the time (I have some moments, but like I said, they're here and there).  I'm not suppose to go back until next autumn... I'm on a "Call me if anything changes" status.  He wants to monitor my BP and "we still don't know why I had a very brief loss of vision in one eye.  So come back next October."  The other doc put me on Bystolic had me take and echocardiogram (came back fine), and never scheduled a follow-up.  I phoned to see if I could decrease it or get off it because it was making me lightheaded.  He wanted me on it, but okay for 2.5 mg (half).  If I wanted off, he wanted me to "drop by" the office  (45 min. away) 2 or 3 times a week to have my BP checked for a couple of weeks.  I can monitor it at home.  I phoned his office about running.  You can't talk to him, all calls get fielded to the desk/nursing staff.  She asked why I was even asking, just start out easy.  Soooo, nobody seems concerned, I feel like a bloomin' hypochondriac.  Perhaps if they're not concerned, there really is nothing to be concerned about.
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Yep, it's frustrating. Last year when I wore the stupid event monitor before my surgery, I recorded a couple basic tachy times and a couple times of arrhythmia and chest pain. When I saw the cardio he said he didn't have the results yet but felt I was fine to go ahead with the surgery. I asked about the chest pain and he said, "I don't think it's cardiac related." I said, "Hmm, funny the pain always comes with an arrhythmia but hey, what do I know?" And that was the last I heard.

Still, I don't think it would hurt to walk some every day. It will help lower the BP over time and you can speed up your pace as you feel able. If your heart was in terrible shape, they would have insisted on all kinds of pills and tests and so forth. Just listen to your body. If it doesn't feel right, then stop.
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> Any suggestions on the best way to proceed, things I should watch out for?

yes, be careful outdoors :)  if you are in a cold weather area

one quick slip on one small patch of ice and you an pull a muscle badly

and if you get chest pain, then stop
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