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I recently had an Exercise nuclear myocardial perfusion study (SPECT).

Findings: "severe profusion defect at basal to mid inferior wall with larger deficit at resting images (reverse distribution),  consistent with attenuation artifact. Cannot rule out  MI at basal inferior wall.
Wall motion analysis reveals: Normal wall motion of all myocardial segments."

My cardiologist left a message that "everything is fine".
The findings sound rather ominous to me. What do you think?
Thanks for any input.
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It sounds worse than it is. Soft tissue attenuation simply means that the images were most likely poor due to an excess amount of soft tissue such as body fat or breast tissue blocking the view of the heart. Additionally, this is backed up by the findings of normal wall motion, muscle that is damaged by a previous MI does not contract the same as the t=rest of the heart.

The important thing to know is your EF%, does the report show yours? Normal is between 55 - 75%. Also, why did you have the test? Are you having symptoms such as chest pain or SOB? If so, you may want to proceed further. Also, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your cardiologist to go over the results, I never let them give it to me over the phone, too easy to miss something.

In the absence of symptoms and with a normal EF% this report looks good. That's just my opinion based on what I know from my nuclear stress tests.

Good luck!

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Thanks erijon for your input which was most appreciated.
The test was done as a pre-op CYA because I was supposed to have an open biopsy and the surgeon wanted to cover himself. I have no symptoms
I have since cancelled the biopsy.
By the way, my LVEF is 61%.
I had a quadruple bypass in 1998 (never had a heart attack)  and had no problems since, keeping BP normal through Diovan and controlling  cholesterol through 10 mg Crestor 5 times a week and 1200 mg of Niacin daily.
I'm an active 80 year old, play 18 holes 2-3 times a week and work out at the fitness center for 75 minutes 3 times a week.
Eating a mediterranean diet and keeping my weight normal.

Thanks again for the meaage,

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