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I am a seventeen year old female. I have been healthy up until about a year ago, when I had mono followed by bronchitis. I also found out that I was anemic then and also have a vitamin d problem. Things have just kind of went down the drain since then. I have been having chest pains for about two months. I'm quite stubborn when it comes to the doctor and I put it off until my mother forced me to go. While I was there, I had an EKG done as well as blood to check my anemia. While examining me my doctor found that my lymphnodes are swollen and as I see a pediatrician, he has never done breast exams, so he was surprised to find a bump on my sternum. I can feel the lump myself. It is easy to tell it's bone. He sent me to get an x ray. When he came back with all my results, he seemed pretty calm about the bump. He said it didn't show up much on the x ray. He seemed more concerned about my EKG results, He didn't explain what it meant, but he said my ST levels are elevated and I was going to be referred to a cardiologist after the holidays. I still have no idea what this means. If that isn't enough, I have actually noticed more symptoms since that appointment less than a week ago. It seems that any type of activity causes me to lose my breath. Simply bending down causes me to heave for air and breathe heavily out of my mouth. And I have been quite exhausted. I didnt get out of bed until about 5 today, which is not normal for a teenager. Does anyone have any answers?
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