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SVT/Nuclear Stress Test.


I am 31 years old and have WPW, wich only acts up once in a while and almost never severe. I smoke cigars, drink beer, and have a desk job, I try to hit the gym at least a few time a week. I got diagnosed with High Blood Pressure about 7 months ago and I am on meds for it. my BP last visit was 114/70.

About a month ago I had an episode of SVT (or at least thats what the docs think it was, it had stopped by the time I got to the ER) while playing hockey and it lasted for about 30 minutes. Since then I have gone to the Cardiologist, like I do every couple years. Tests done so far include, Holter Monitor,Echo,Stress Test. Right after the stress test the doctor (not the Cardiologist) was talking to the Nurse about a P-wave on the ECG after the stress test, was not abnormal before the stress test. About a week after the stress test they callled me and want me to go for a Nuclear Stress test. I am assuming they found something because I have never had this test done before.  The big reason I worry about this is because the test is not for a month and the results are a month after that! I live in Canada and the wait times are crazy! No one told me if I should go about my normal life until the test or should I not exercise?

My worry is that the high blood pressure might have caused something with my heart. Although the longest it could have ben high for was a couple years because it was not high at my previous visit. When it was high it was 150/100.

Just was wondering if anyone has a guess or what the most probable reason of the extra test and abnormal P-wave after stress test?

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Sean Buckley
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Hi, it's a shame you don't know more about the problem with the p wave. An abnormal p wave can indicate many things, and can even be nothing to worry about. Depending on the problem with the p wave, it can mean low potassium, or even enlarged atria, or just electrical signal issues across the heart. A cardiologist will have to look at the whole EKG to establish what, if anything, is going wrong. Perhaps eating a couple of bananas a day might be a good thing to boost your potassium levels if they are low. It certainly won't do any harm.
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Yes it is unfortunate that I don't know what was wrong with the P-Wave. I do know that it was normal at rest, but something happend during and/or just after stress test. They asked me if I felt ok, and I said yes. As mentioned the biggest problem I have with the whole thing is having to wait 2 months to find anything out!
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