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Shooting pain feels like artery burst.

From two years I have been experiencing shooting and sudden pain in neck now in chest. I just happens for a sec and go away. Later I can feel my heart beat fast. I go out of breath for a day or two after that. I have had several ECG and echo done and been to 3 cardiologists. My last echo was in December. My previous 3 echo had 60% ef and last report had 68% EF. I have had echo test at 3 different places. My ECG shows abnormal but with echo report always comes back normal. cardiologist think I don't have any heart problem. I walk and get pains, I do stressful job and suddenly I get pains. My resting heart rate has changed. I used sleep my heart would drop to 30 BPM now it just drop to 50bpm. I don't know what to do. I asked for CT scan and was denied. I am 30 yr old women. I was heavy 3 years back and dropped my weight with keto. I believe it was due to keto and low hydration my heart got stressed out. I have no idea what should I do. I am Out of Doctors and test. I had stress test as well last year Which came out clear.
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