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Shortness of breath after Angioplasty

My sister has undergone angioplasty and mediacted stent placement a month ago. Initially she recovered well. But now she has shortness of breath and gets tired even after bathing. Is it a serious complication? Her doctor is at a distant place now and says it will suside with ecospirin. Please reply if anyone has knowledge and experience of this type of complication.
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Ecospririn is aspirine and will not help for the fatigue, I think.

Although fatigue occurs sometimes after angioplasty, it is not normal, especially when the patient was experiencing less fatigue shortly after the surgery.

If the fatigue gets worse or even if it remains as it is now, she should again contact her cardiologist. This is not a normal situation.

It is hard to say if it is serious but if she starts to experience pain on her chest, she should go to the ER.  In that case there might be a serious complication.
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