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Should I be concerned?

I truly hope someone can help me and help me soon.  I am a 48 year old female and have had a stroke, but my doctor, nor I, know exactly when.  He says that it was caused from my heart (blood clot).  I am currently taking medicine for high blood pressure, lasix, acid reflux medication, and various other medications for severe pain issues.  I ran out of my lasix for 4 days, and did not take it, but have now been back on it for 3 days.  For the last 5 days, I have been sleeping almost nonstop.  I sleep from 1:00 am to 3:00 pm, get up and take short naps until it is bedtime again(1:00), and do the same thing the next day.  I CANNOT stay awake.  I am totally and utterly exhausted.  I also get so breathless when I am up trying to do things, that I feel as if I cannot get a good breath of air.  It is struggle to breathe and I get light-headed and have to sit down for fear of fainting.  I am also having severe leg weakness and feel as if my legs are not going to support me.  Until yesterday, I have not had a blood pressure cuff.  Once I got it, I took it after I had been sitting an hour or so.  It was totally normal (107/71).  After getting up and feeling the breathless, (I can't catch my breath & feel as if I am going to faint) feeling, I took it again and it was 159/137.  I did this a few other times while sitting and it is normal, and a few other times after I was up and breathless and it was high (147/126 & 151/101).
Should I be concerned enough about this to go to the ER or should I just call my doctor next week?  I don't want to overreact, but I do want to react if I need to.  Can someone please help me and give me some advice.  I am scared because my chest is hurting, my arms and fingers are numb (but they do this occassionally anyway), and it is difficult to eat because I feel as if I can't get a good breath of air.  Maybe I am overreacting, but I don't know.  Please help me with some advice.  Thank you!!
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iIf my blood pressure ever went as high as 160\137 I would be pretty darn concerned and probably go to the ER if I had any other symptoms.
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High blood pressure like that leads to aortic dissection which could mean bye bye
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