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Should I go for angioplasty


Have been having some chest pain, shortness of breath and tightness in chest for an year. Couple of months ago, I took the EKG and everything seemed alright. However, the doctor suggested that I do a stress test. The results of the stress test were mostly normal except 'Mild hypokinesia of distal anterosepta apical segments'.
The doctor said that there is a possibility that one of my artery could have some blockage (angina?). He suggested that if I wanted to pursue this further i should go for angioplasty. However, it seemed like he was just suggesting it our of precaution.

Basically, I have a healthy diet - as I am a vegetarian and I am actually underweight.
I do exercise most days, although doing cardio exercises has become difficult for the past couple of years as I run out of breath soon.
It seems difficult to believe that I may have a blockage in the artery.

Any recommendations or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Many cardiologists seem to prefer angiogram. I've had both a ct angio and an angiogram and I didn't feel any difference between the two. I still had the same burning sensations from the dye etc in both procedures. I did look at the images from both scans and the angiogram shows everything in real time, actually working. You see the blood flowing, you see the heart pumping and you see the reactions of the arteries. With the ct angio all I saw was a set of still pictures. The other thing to consider is that they may spot a blockage. You would then have to go through an angioplasty anyway, meaning even more radiation.
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Have been looking into CT Angiogram. Am not sure if it is equally effective, but feel comfortable that it is atleast non-invasive
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I would certainly have an angiogram to evaluate your coronary arteries, something is going on. Whether they find anything and have to intervene is something we can only speculate on. It does sound like it could be a blockage forming so it's best to eliminate/or not this possibility.
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