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Should you keep exercising through the PVC's???

hi guys,

so since these pvc's have started i have committed myself to taking better care of me... which is a good thing.  i am trying to eat healthier & do cardio 20 mins per day (among other things).

today during my workout on the eliptical i kept feeling that familiar unpleasant "skip" in my chest.  i stopped a few times to take my pulse & sure enough, i was getting some skipped beats....

my question is this: is it okay or a good idea to just ignore the pvc's & continue exercising?  should i be worried if they seem to happen more when i am active?

thanks so much everyone... the support & sharing on this forum is truly getting me through all this :)
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I keep working out, yes. Certain changes in body position can prompt them. If you have a healthy heart it's fine.
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Hi Sinead, I workout daily on my eliptical. There is many times when I have felt those horrible pvcs while working out. I asked my doctor what I should do when they happen and he told me to continue to workout, but just slow down a little till they pass. If I am having a lot while I'm working out usually I will just stop, as I get scared. I will then try working out later that day. Ask your doctor, He will probably say the same thing mine told me. Have a nice day :)
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I also feel them when I am briskly walking and they freak me out.
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Always check with your own doctor, but in the abscense of any other cardiac issues, it should be fine..
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Hi there,

Like the name...is it pronounced "shin-ade"?  Irish, right?  Anyhow, I too get pvc's when I'm exercising.  I always find it's when I'm at my max heart rate (150's) and then I'll get a couple.  I just take a deep breath and continue.  I was even wearing a holter monitor once while at the gym and they were caught!  My cardiologist read the report and said no worries.  

Geez, there is no rhyme or reason to these things is there.  I'll get some while exercising hard and then I'll get some when my heart is nice and slow and relaxed while trying to sleep.  Go figure.  Well, you're in good company here!  They should just start a specific forum for pac's and pvc's since 90% of the questions asked regard them.  Take care and best wishes (:

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My cardiologist said it was a good idea to get a cardiovascular work out every day and not to let the PVCs get in my way. If I am getting tons of them though, I just like to rest and take it easy. Whatever makes you comfortable. Good for you exercising daily! Make sure to get enough potassium in your diet as well. My cardiologist said a banana a day was fine. I also take a magnesium supplement.
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