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Skipped pulse

My father, 57 years old, got pacemaker implanted 5 months ago for tachy Brady syndrome. He also has pvc. Sometimes when I check his pulse I can feel some skipped beats. He also complains of fatigue. Is it normal?
By the way his pulse is always above 60bpm even with skipped beats.
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The skipped beats are likely to be PVC's. The premature beat happens before the heart has filled and that leaves a longer period of time from the normal rhythm between beats and the heart fills more than normal causing a hard beat after the perceived pause.  He should heck with his cardiologist about the PVC's.
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It could be "normal" but if he has a pacemaker he should ask his doctor about this since they usually keep the heart rate fairly even and regular. They could be atrial or ventricular, but either way, he needs to get it checked out.

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