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Sleep Apnea?

I am overweight..no bones about it..and Im doing something about it..I am also an ex smoker but I havent smoked all that long in the past anyways.. Lately I have been waking up with a racing heartbeat...dizzy..short of breath and not being able to get warm...like having the shivers..I have IBS and acid reflux..but I have been modifying my diet and exercising..though when I exercising sometimes when I get out of breath and my ears pop and I get dizzy..I have some distorted vision once in awhile..Quite frankly im scared to go to sleep..I went to the ER the other night and they ran the usual..chest x-ray,ekg and blood work..everything came out fine..I just dont know what it is and im scared..enough to start smoking..if im going to go at least let me go not stressed out..lol...but the ER didnt seem concerned about it after all the tests came back ok but im still having those symptoms..Does anyone have any suggestions what it could be..or what I could mention to the doctor when I go to test for?..Thanks so much..im just really scared about what it might be ..like that show on the Discovery channel called Mystery diagnosis..things keep happening and symptoms keep getting worse but they cant find anything..
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I've had similar issues and i feel your frustration with ER docs and tests comming back negitive, have you seen a cardiologist yet, that would be my next recommendation, as for the smoking dont start back up, i know how you feel (why not go out happy doing what you want right) but your better off not. also get at least a 24hr halter moniter too. hope thats helpful
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Thanks Sean I appreciate your input and to at least find im not alone..but I mean I have 3 small children and I want to be around for awhile for them hence why I quit smoking and am trying to become more of an healthy individual and then this strikes..the other night seriously my middle child fell asleep without me getting to read her her bedtime story and I contemplated waking her up to read something to her because it might be the last thing I do with her after having these nights like this..but I will look into getting one of those moniters but then what the thing not act up that night..thats just my luck..lol..good luck to you as well..keep me posted!!..have a great evening..
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