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Slight ST abnormality on EKG (30 y/o F)

Hopefully someone can shed some insight into what i've been dealing with for over a year.

To preface:  I am a 30 y/o female, no remarkable health history other than c-section 3 years ago.  I have been dealing with substernal chest pain/ lower anteriour neck pain intermittantly for over a year.  At times the discomfort goes to my jaw and teeth.   I also have palpitations, often painful that jolt me like i'm being electrically shocked, believe it or not.  I DONOT have sweats, pain in my limbs or nausea/ vomitting. I do have a history of borderline tachycardia (hovering around 100 bpm-resting).There are instances where the chest / neck pain disapates and subsides for a hour or two but then returns for hours on end.  I have been through the gammit of doctors.  GI, ENT, ORTHO, Physical therapy, ect.  I recently had an EKG at my primary phys. office that showed "slight st abnnormality".      What does this mean?  When i asked my Doc., his reply was "somethings just not right" which doesnt give me too much to go on.  I have a stress echo scheduled for 3 weeks from now; however i still am dealing with this chest pain and neck pain.  What worries me is that i have a family history of Cardiac problems, specifically MI, CHF.  Any suggestions or insight???  Thanks in advance,
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ST segment depression or elevation have the possibility of identifying a number of different causes depending on the heigth of the elevation and depth of the segment.  Also, the particular lead involved is significant.

ST segment depression can be caused by ischemia (lack of blood flow to the heart cells)...can cause chest, digitalis, rapid heart rate, and temperature or electrolyte abnormality.

ST segment elevation is usually attributed to impending infarction, but can also be due to pericarditis or vasospastic (variant) angina. In some healthy young adults, a form of ST elevation can be normal.

An EKG is not a very good source to make a definitive diagnoses and requires comfirmation with clinical evidence and further testing.
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Thanks so much for your insight.

After taking another look at the EKG document.  This is what it reads:  "slight ST-T abnormality aVF,V3,V4,V5,V6"  It doesn't say if its a depression or elevation; however it does give measurements, of which all are negative numbers from -0,01 to -0.07.  Does this offer any clarification?  What are you thoughts?
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ST segment depression is MOST specific for ischemia if the ST segment slopes down.  Wave abnormalities are commonly seen in leads,  V4-V6.

Significant value is 1mm for some conditions and 2mm or other condtions if I remember correctly.  Converting your 0.01 and 0.07 cm to mm is .1 mm and .7mm. I don't know of any significance for any condition for the values provided.

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