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Slow Irregular Heart Rate

I started to have occasional fluttering in my chest while I was pregnant. The doctor assured me that this can happen due to hormones and is normal. After having my baby, the fluttering continued, but I was nursing so I figured hormones could still be high.

A few months after my baby was born, when the gaps between his feedings got bigger, I decided to have a drink one night. My heart rate dropped and became extremely irregular, to the point that I almost asked my husband to take me to the hospital. It cleared up in about 20 minutes.

I talked to my doctor, and she said it wasn't something to worry about unless I got dizzy. So, a couple of months later, I tried half of a beer. The same thing happened as before, and though my heart was beating slowly, it felt like I was catching my breath after running, or taking my first breaths after having held my breath.

That was a few days ago, and I'm still having issues today. This morning, my heart was skipping every 2-3 beats and I had a resting heart rate of 55 bpm. Later this afternoon, feeling winded after a regular amount of activity, I checked my pulse again and found it at 42 bpm.

I haven't had a drop of alcohol since the beer. What could be causing this, and what should I do?
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You need to have a EKG done so they can figure out why your heart is doing this!! If your doctor don't order it u need to see another doctor for a second opinion, I hate to say this but if it gets worse and nothing done about it, it culd kill u.
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Alcohol can affect heart rate in those sensitive to it. You may want to get your thyroid checked. Get a EKG, you may been having PAC's which can be benign . Anxiety and stress can play a role. Experiencing this probably creates more anxiety.
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Thanks. I'll see how soon I can get an EKG. It definitely has been adding to my anxiety. When I took my pulse and had 42 bpm, I got dizzy, but only from freaking out. Can it also be caused by changes in diet or lack of vitamins?
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I have had my HR in the low 40's and it felt as you described every 3rd beat and a pause. I assume I was having PAC's. My anxiety/ stress level was high. Your anxiety becomes self feeding due to an awareness of your heartbeat . In short it has your constant attention. As of now I have a low resting HR of 50bpm. My cardiologist told me as long as I am not having any symptoms it's probably for normal for me. While exercising my HR responds normally.  My EKG showed nothing abnormal. As for diet and vitamins I don't believe either would effect your HR. Magnesium, and B complex may help but won't really effect your HR. Electrolyte balance could be considered.  I agree with your doctor change in hormones can cause this. You may want to ask her for a thyroid test. It is the regulator of our body temp and pulse rate. Get your EKG. Having a baby, lack of sleep and the anxiety and stress that goes along with that responsibility probably is playing a role in your situation.
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