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Small Perimembranous VSD with RCC Prolapse, Mild AR

My son was detected with a 4 mm size hole in his heart when he was 2 months old. Within few months the doctors told us that his Aortic valve was also leaking cause of the pressure and suggested an open heart surgery which was not urgent. From then on we take him for regular check ups every year.
Now my son is 11 years old. Yet the size of the hole is same and the leaking has progressed mildly. Doctors suggested the same, to go for open heart surgery to close the hole which is the only remedy. They say that closing the hole will stop further damage to the valve.
My son very active, normal growth, average weight for his age and asymptomatic.

Please advise if any other treatment could be done other than open heart surgery for my son.
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I'm not sure the complexity of his situation.  Has anyone spoken with you about robotic surgery?  Less down time , less invasive.
Sorry, I have no idea on robotic surgery. Can anyone clarify? Can this surgery be done in India?
I'm not sure.  Again, I don't know your son's details.  But if I were you I would look up minimally invasive cardiac robotic surgery.

You can also look up divinici system cardiac surgery ( it's a brand of minimally invasive robotic).

I'm in DC in the USA.  

They have good teams in Boston and New York.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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