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Some Very Positive Feedback re HDL and Lipids...

I posted this on the doctor's forum in response to one member's question about trying to raise his HDL...as some of you know I was VERY concerned about trying to get my numbers right after a November blood panel and I tried a pretty aggressive regiment...here were my results. BTW...I am a 31 year old man...no "family history" of CAD

I was able to change my lipids as follows and it has been a real blessing of good news for me...


Total- 175
Tri- 145
HDL- 27
LDL- 126


Total- 142
Tri- 78
HDL- 45
LDL- 81

I did a progressive Niacin regimen twice a day for 14 weeks beginning with 250 mg and now taking 1500 mg daily...I also take CoQ10, and Pro-Vex CV. The other major thing I did was Agatston's diet and I have lost 30 lbs. (205-175) since December...

So these two strategies really have worked for me thus far.

BTW- I take the NON-slow release Niacin right out of the bottle...not Niaspan...but from what I understand they are the same thing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments...hopefully this regimen will keep my lipids in good shape...

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Thank you for posting your regimen!  Very helpful to have such direct feedback.  I wish everyone was so disciplined!  My husbands test results of late have been very scary so I need all the help I can find to encourage him to change eating habits.  He will be 71...wish he had started caring for his health at your young age!
The cardiologist gave him directions for Niacin in November but he did not start until February...not enough time to help before tests.  March 8th blood tests are so very poor that family Dr wants to place him on even more major prescriptions.  
Thank you again.
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