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Sporadic breastbone pain


I am writing because, for six to seven weeks, I have been experiencing sporadic breastbone pain, and I am unsure of its cause.

The pain, which I feel (only momentarily) perhaps six or seven times per day, feels like it's originating in the breastbone itself, rather than in the cardiovascular system. The closest analogy I can give to describe the pain is this: the discomfort that results if you have a tender black-and-blue mark, and somebody uses their finger to press on it.

The pain is always in the same spot: the center of the upper mid-sternum, perhaps three or four inches below the collarbone, and an inch or two above nipple line.

I've not noticed a consistent pattern for when the pain materializes. Sometimes, if I lift something heavy, I feel it. Sometimes, I feel it just sitting in a chair. Sometimes, I feel it when bending down and getting on my knees. It doesn't seem to have to do with physical exertion in the sense of exercise or getting my pulse rate up: I was running around, carrying my nephew, and I didn't feel the pain. However, I felt it upon picking up my PC tower.

Any idea what the cause might be?
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Have you done any tests? such as bending down to touch your toes for a couple of minutes perhaps before and after eating? have you tried squatting for a couple of minutes? have you tried twisting your body to either side for a couple of minutes? There are many tests you can perform and if you can find the position which sets it off, you are on a home run.
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The biggest trigger definitely seems to be picking up, and then holding, substantial weight.

When I picked up my dog last night, I felt the breastbone pain upon picking her up, and I continued to feel it (albeit slightly less so) as I carried her at chest height.

The breastbone pain seems specifically to do with lifting and holding.
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You might want to google costochondritis to see if your symptoms are similar.  It's an inflammation of the rib/ breastbone junction.
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Try going for a walk on a hill. Just walk slowly up the hill and see if the pain comes on. If you do bring the pain on, stand still and see how long it takes to settle. This is a good test for your heart.
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I have generalized chest pain which my cardiologist refers to as chronic costochondritis or chest wall pain.He gives me a series of steroid injections in the chest  and in a few days the pain disappears. I personally think that the pain is originating in or around an artificial disc that was implanted in my neck (C6-7) in 2013. The steroids simply calm the irritated nerves in my neck and the chest pain disappears....The disc was damaged during bypass surgery in 2007 and gradually got to the point of unbearable neck and chest pain and had to be replaced.
     Read Dr. Wm. Russo's bio at Stern Cardiovascular Foundation's website in Memphis Tennessee. He discusses pain such as you are describing in an article posted in his bio.I hope you find your answer. I know the aggravation that this can cause....
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