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Squeezing & Big PVCs

Male 26, 6'2 275.
Don't smoke or drink. Only take med for acid reflux.
For years I have been dealing with bad heart palpitations and chest pain. Always been told I'm fine or your a big guy with lots of blood. I got different opinions by different doctors and same result. I have done multiple tests on my heart as well all good.

I have pain throughout my sternum and chest and take advil or tylenol for pain but it doesnt help much.
Recently I have been experiencing this where I stnsf up from siting or laying down and my heart beats big and air knocked out of me and I feel like falling over.
Then few days ago I just finished eating. When I had two big squeezes around my heart which took my breathe. Never felt that before. Went to the er and they said I'm fine.
I don't know how much more I can take of this. Keep telling me I'm fine when clearly I'm not.
I can't eat right, exercise, or enjoy myself anymore.
I'm lost on what to do and feel like giving up.

Anyone in a similar boat?
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