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Stent - how many?

My father turned 80 last month and has 6 stents in his heart currently. His first very mild heart attack occurred in 2010 and since then over the years, he's had further mild episodes where he had to have these other stents put in. He has also type 2 diabetes since around 2000 and although this has been very controlled and not that severe, this no doubt led to the heart problems he has now.

Over the past few years he's been well and no issues but then this week he was admitted with some intermittent chest pain. He's going to have an angiogram in the next day or so to see what's going on.

I guess my question is, what options does my father have at this stage now because I've heard it's risky to keep having stents put in esp past 80? And also heart surgery isn't a viable option apparently either at his age...? I've read conflicting opinions online.
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I’m 85 and have one stent, no problems so far. My guess is that your father will be advised to do more to control his diabetic status, which my wife has done with serious calorie counting and exercise  

I can’t imagine the docs suggesting open heart surgery. Maybe yet one more stent will carry him a little further
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Hi, my aunt also has a couple of stents inserted and is also diabetic. She has been controlling her calorie intake and doing regular exercise as her doctor stress on those two a lot.
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