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Stents in med's by-pass??

In June of 07 I had 4 stents put in to my right artery, and then in Oct. of 07 I had 3 additional stents in the same artery.  I had 4 cauterizations in one year.
My medications are -
Plavix-75 mg, toprol-50mg, norvasc-5mg, indur-60mg, Altace ramipril-2.5ml, crestor-10mg, ecotrin-325mg, omega,
As of today I was put on ranexa-500mg 2 times a day.
My problem is I still get chest pressure with exertion and shortness of breath. I also experience a heat build up in my body at various times in the day or night
I was diagnosed with heart disease and angina.  My question is if any of the above mentioned medications could cause these symptoms or if my next direction should be by-pass surgery..
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generally njtony, the meds you're on are to treat heart disease and angina.  i'm not a doc, but am pretty surprised about the amount of "steel" they've dropped into you.  It doesn't look like they are being very agressive with Crestor.

sometimes it takes time to get the proper mix of medications--it took over a year to control my unstable angina.  if i were you, i'd another opinion, and/or have a serious sitdown with your cardiologist.
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