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Sternum Removal

I had my sternum removed after my bypass done in Sept. 07. I keeped hearing cracking popping and in Dec.07 went and saw 3 cardiac surgeons on how this problem could be fixed. I went with the option of having plates and screws put in. Three weeks after that ended up in the ER with fever very sick they did a CT scan and it showed a infection they reopened me up and took the plates and screws out and an abcess burst while I was in OR and the infection spread to my bloodstream and bones after a week in ICU with my chest open they closed me back up with a second musple flap. After time spent in the hospital I was sent home on home IV's for 6 months. Wanted to do if there might be some time of special brace that could be worn to help rid these awful sounds that I have to live with even with every breath I hear popping cracking shifting going on worst then ever.
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That sounds very difficult. I've never heard of someone having their sternum removed, just reshaped (in the case of pectus excavatum). There must be something in there to hold the ribs together in the front, right?

I'm no help here but I do hope the infection settles down and you feel better. As for some kind of brace or support, I can't think of anything since the ribs have to flex as you breathe. Perhaps someone else has heard of this kind of situation.
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I had a sternumectomy in '08.  There is a space between my rib cage of about three inches, that is contantly invaded by a thorax that coughs.  The sternum was removed and also 7 costal cartilage connectors, between ribs and sternum.  My chest moves constantly and has for 7 years.  Pain graduates to soreness, like having a cracked rib all the time.  But then you adjust, and life goes on.
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