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Stopping Meds

I'm tired of taking all the meds following a heart attack back in Jan 08. I'm still taking Plavix 75 mg/day, but have stopped the following:

Niaspan - 500mg/day
Toporol XL - 12.5 mg/day
Lipitor - 40 mg/day
Asprin - 325 mg/day

I'd like to quit on the Plavix too, but read it's probably not a good idea. I have a stent in my LAD. Read that lowering cholesterol to 112 is not such a good idea, as that may be too low. Is there any danger in stopping these? It's been almost 20 mts and I feel okay.
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Niaspan I believe is a vitamin B compound which helps to reduce Cholesterol and also
has other uses such as helping inflamed skin.
Lipitor is used to stop the Liver making so much Cholesterol.

Both these are important and you will likely be on these for the rest of your life. These
drugs will keep your cholesterol low and slow down the hardening of your arteries, which
will eventually cause another heart attack. In some people it actually stops the disease in its tracks or improve the arteries.

Troporol is your beta blocker which prevents your heart from working too hard, hence
protecting it. If your arteries are in good shape, i.e. no occlusions, then sometimes a
cardiologist will allow you to ween off these, slowly.

Aspirin is another medication for the rest of your life but I am shocked at the dosage.
Most people after a heart attack are on 75mg. Recent reports are claiming that being
on this medication for too long increases the risk of a bleed in the brain. However, more
research is required. Aspirin is required to help prevent clots forming in your coronary
arteries and the arteries in your brain which would cause stroke. When a piece of
brittle plaque breaks free in an artery, it can become trapped in a smaller vessel,
blocking it. However, where the plaque broke free, there will be a rough surface inside
the artery causing the platelet cells to react, forming a clot. They will be fooled into
thinking the artery is damaged from the outside and will completely block the vessel.

Plavix is important for your stent to prevent disease forming over it. You can come off
Plavix after 12 months of the stent being fitted because there is no evidence that any
benefits occur after this amount of time. So, at least there's one medication you may
be able to stop, but the rest will be for life, if you value it.
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You feel okay because your meds are doing their job.  I would not stop any medication without consulting with your doctor, he can explain why you may need to stay on these, and what will happen if you quit.  You're playing Russian Roulette with your life by stopping these meds simply because you feel better as a result of them!  We're all lay people, and I cannot see anyone advising you to stop these since we are not cardiologists.  My husband has a lot of health problems, and takes a  lot more medications than this.  Often we question his need for all of them, we speak with the doctor and find that they are needed, and he is doing so well today as a result of them.
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Thanks to both of you - I'm getting back on them because of your advice. I have a seizure disorder and switching from Dilantin to Keppra, and they're triple dosing me for the transition. Just tired and worn out from taking 12 pills/day everyday not including vit. supplements.

This is all very depressing - docs will not decrease my meds and I know I said I feel ok, but at 45 I feel like I'm 80...!

But thanks for the advice - I can't think straight anymore.
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Depression is a known problem with a heart attack victim. I know how you feel, I have
been living with a blocked LAD for 2 years and I feel much older than I am. However,
look at it this way, you are still young and research is being done at an accelerated
rate all the time. I read somewhere that not long ago they grew a complete rabbits heart
in a lab, fully functioning. In the next 10 years they believe they can grow human ones
from our own stem cells. This means no rejection problems and a new lease of life.
We just have to hope they dont mix the rabbit cells with ours or we will end up hopping
around the house.
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