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Strange Feeling

Throughout the day today I've had waves of pain in my back shoulder blade followed quickly by a strong sense of nausea (not to the point of actually getting sick - just the feeling of nausea) and light headedness.  There's also some slight pressure in the chest.  Anyone else felt like this, and what did you do - kind of a new experience for me.  Thanks for any help!
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Please see a doctor immediately.  These are classic heart attack symptoms.
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Thank you so much for your response, but don't want to worry you.  Should have provided some background.  I have 5 stents in my LAD already, but had a heart cath about 2 months ago that came out clear, and a nuke stress two weeks ago (I've had continuing chest pressure) that was clear as well so I'm confident my arteries are clear.  But this wave of pain (usually I've had pinching or aching) in my shoulder blade and the bouts of pretty strong nausea are new symptoms for me.  I wasn't necessarily concerned about a heart attack, but wondered what else it might be.  Thanks again for your concern and response - I really appreciate it!
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Ok, it's reassuring to hear that you've had recent cardio exams.  I imagine it might still be a good idea to make contact with your doc, just to be safe.

Best of luck...
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Do you suffer from anxiety at all?
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No, not really.  But I would guess that most people would say that, huh?  Docs have never suggested anxiety b/c of my confirmed CAD and history.  I really don't think this is my issue, but assume there's some underlying issue (maybe small artery disease or arterial spasms - just a guess by me and my docs) that cause similar but lower grade symptoms than my CAD and are therefore problematic for me.  I think I've figured out the difference b/w my low-grade symptoms (my daily chest pressure), and my dangerous symptoms (heavy pressure and real discomfort that I just can't get through - wears me out).  But yesterday was just not a good day (and was an absolute no stress day at work) - the nausea was bad, the dizziness didn't help (my computer screen actually seemed to be moving back and forth) and the shoulder pain was new - previously all I've had was pinching.  Took a nitro last night, and that helped for a while - long enough to get to sleep.  But walking to work this a.m. was not a lot of fun. And although I say I don't suffer from anxiety, I must admit that when the pressure gets pretty severe or when I really don't feel well like last night, it can become somewhat of an anxious moment for me :-)  I think my main problem is knowing when to really be concerned and consider going to the ER, and when to ride it out.  After so many heart caths month after month (all but 2 required angio by the way, so I've been pretty reliable until just lately), I tend to err on the side of "riding it out" because the trips to the ER are really stressful on my family, and I don't want to go when it isn't needed any more.  That's why this site is so helpful - I want to try and figure out how to better read my symptoms.  For me, I don't think anxiety is causing the symptoms but rather the symptoms are causing anxiety.  Regardless, lowering the anxiety is important in helping me accurately self-diagnose the symptoms.  Thanks for the comment!
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I hope the doctor can relieve your nausea and dizziness.  It is nice to see another Red Sox fan on the forum.  They're having a stellar season!  I'm heading over to Fenway in July to catch a game!  Again, good luck with your symptoms.
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I will be in D.C. for a month and a half at the end of Aug and hope to catch a game in Baltimore.  So far, so good w the Sox.  Thanks for the support - I'm feeling a little better today.  Only one case of nausea and slight chest pressure all day.  Not too bad all in all.  GO SOX!!!
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AND I missed the fact that you're in NY - how is that being a Sox fan???
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I was won over by my husband who is originally from Chelmsford, MA.
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