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Strange Symptoms

I am a 44-y.o. male, 6'2", 205 lbs.  When I was 29, back on 11/29/1993 @ about 5 pm, I had an episode that RUINED my life: I experienced a forceful, violent, odd beating of my heart for a second or two, then went back to a regular rhythm….BUT….I instantly felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy, & my heart felt like it wasn't pumping right, like it was on the verge of stopping or like something shifted or got stuck in the region of my heart.  I have felt like this CONSTANTLY ever since (no one seems to understand it when I say I feel this way CONSTANTLY to this day!!!).  At the time, I was lifting weights regularly, & was fairly active with softball, cycling, basketball, etc.  I had zero medical history before this & had not been to a Dr. in at least 10 yrs. because I always felt great…until the moment this happened.  I am adopted, therefore I do not know my birth parents' health history since I cannot locate them.  I ended up going to the local Urgent Care center the day after this episode & then seeing my Primary Care Physician for the first time shortly there after.  He checked me over & sent me home.  Since then, I have seen him at least 4x per year about the same thing.  I have also seen several other Internal Medicine doctors, 4 cardiologists, a pulmonologist, 2 neurologists, 3 psychiatrists, a psychotherapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, & some other disciplines.  In total 15+ different medical professionals in 14+ yrs.  Even went to the Cleveland Clinic for tilt table & hemodynamics tests (both normal).  Over the years I have had several CT & MRI scans of my chest, abdomen, & head, several chest x-rays, a stress test, trans-esophageal echo, upper GI, several EKGs, several ultrasounds of my heart, an EEG, sleep study, two 24 hour Holter monitors, a CTA, & nearly 1 year of biofeedback therapy through the psychotherapist.  I even saw a Medical Intuitive because I was so desperate.  The only thing they found were an occasional PVC & a small hole between the ventricles or the atriums (can't remember which).  I have been on several psychotropic drugs with absolutely no improvement (one actually sent me to the ER).  Was also on beta-blockers & other heart meds that did nothing.  Currently taking daily multi-vitamin, fish oil, Co-Q10 (virtually eliminated PVCs) and some other supplements.  In the last couple of years, it has gotten worse, to the point where I only do what I have to do & NOTHING ELSE, because my heart feels wrong & I feel like I'm going to pass out or collapse, even while lying down.  It feels like I'm in the middle of a heart attack ALL THE TIME….but there is no pain, just a constant wrong feeling my chest & a slight headache/dizziness/unsteadyness.  Stomach gurgling is EXTERMELY UNCOMFORTABLE!!  I also belch excessively since the discomfort seems be coming from the same area of my chest and belching seems to change it a bit.  Driving is becoming a real difficulty.  I have forgotten what it's like to feel normal.  BP is typically 120/70.  Total cholesterol is around 110 now after recent 50 lb weight loss, exercise, and Lipitor.  I was very happy in life before this happened & now everyday is a complete struggle & UNBEARABLE.  I even have a stethoscope & listen to my heart a lot & it sounds fine….but it feels like something is stuck, blocked, or clogged & the blood flow is impaired.  On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being dead & 10 being the way I felt before this happened, I am at a 1 with no relief in sight.  It seems I am the first person this has happened to!
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It would be very unlikely that the palpitations are the sole cause of your problems. It does sound like anxiety and that the palpitations were the trigger. I too had palpitations before, but for some reason one night I got them bad and have been a wreck ever sense. I am a lot better now, but have my ups and downs. It seems you have had every test in the book, but I didn't see that you had an EP study, this might be needed to rule out a heart rhythm issue.
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It doesn't feel like an electrical problem....it feels like there is something wrong mechanically.  Results of past tests don't show the need for an EP study.
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