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Stress Test Interpretation

Looking for an interpretation on my stress results:
41 yr old male
Bruce protocol-final stage: 3
minutes into final stage: 1:30
Total minutes: 5:30
METS: 10.1
Baseline HR: 97 (I was very nervous and suffer panic disorder. My usual resting HR is 60.)
Maximal HR reached: 182 (102 % max predicted HR)
Reason test terminated:  the Doctor wrote "Fatigue", although I could have gone longer, he said there is no need to and the test is negative.

I'm concerned that he did not allow me to continue on longer, and by not doing so, did not get a true reading.  He said I worked high enough on METS and Max HR to convince him that all is negative.  Your thoughts?  Thank You.  Jerry
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There are multiple components to a stress test. For the purpose of risk stratifying coronary disease, we generally employ a cut off of 85% of your maximum age predicted heart rate (220-Age).

For general prognostic purposes, the longer you can go on a treadmill, the better your long term(meaning 5 years mortality, etc..) prognosis from any standpoint is.

As a 41 yo male, your short and long term mortality with a normal stress test are quite small. I wouldn't focus so much on the result of the test, only that it was adequate to risk stratify your coronary disease.  Your true focus with respect to your coronary disease should be on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a healthy diet, tobacco abstinence and aggressive risk factor modification.

With respect to the other mortality data that could have been gathered from your persevering longer on the treadmill; for a healthy 41 year old man, your risk of dying in an auto accident would most likely be higher than that information at your stage in life.  So I would also say wear your seatbelts, stay away form guns, etc...

hope this provides some perspective.

good luck
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